Flori style flower cake ?

flori flower cake offers many different western style cake bases as well as Korean authentic steamed rice cake, decorated with beautiful flowers made thru piping method using Korean bean paste, coloring with natural powders e.g. rubus, greentea, beetroot, pumpkin etc. which is well suitable for health conscious cake lovers.

All flowers are 100% made by skillful hands, taking tremendous time and efforts even only to decorate one piece of cake. Flori flower cake is such a well known for its unique and exclusive bean paste cake piping technique and flower design among HK cake lovers. 


Made to Order


Size 6"~ 10"
Cake Base Available


Wreath style


Custom Made Cake

For Wedding/
Birthday/ Event
Two Tier, Three Tier etc


Flower piping / cake decoration class

  • Basic/ Intermediate/ Advance level

  • Flower cake Instructor certificate will be issued by Global Flower Cake Design Association

  • Max.3 students /class

  • 6~8 different kinds flower are taught each class